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Aldo Bernardi Outdoor Lighting Creates Curb Appeal And Adds Value To Homes

Ollier Distributors, Inc., exclusive Aldo Bernardi lighting distributor for the USA and Canada, recognizes that outdoor living and lighting is a major shelter industry trend for 2013. Ollier has seen a significant increase in sales of outdoor lighting and lighted trellises this spring from homeowners creating added value by developing their green spaces and patios into outdoor living and dining areas.

According to a poll given to landscape architects specializing in residential design released in February 2013 by the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor living spaces received a 94.5 percent rating of very popular with lighting specifically receiving a popularity rating of 95.1 percent. Outdoor lighting is a major component of outdoor living and garden areas and is an essential element in the perceived value and curb appeal of a property. Outdoor lighting can significantly enhance or detract from a property’s first impression – yet it is one of the most cost effective options for homeowners to improve outdoor living areas. “For homeowners looking to add perceived value to their property, the right outdoor lighting can do wonders for a home’s exterior, ” Curb Appeal, Residential Lighting Magazine.

Furthermore, real estate professionals notice that homes that are beautifully landscaped and have quality outdoor lighting (for both home and garden) sell faster and show more often than homes without this type of curb appeal. “Lighting professionals like to say that good exterior home lighting can add up to 20% to the perceived value of a home. And perception can add up to real money.”, RealEstate.msn.com

Outdoor lighting is used to highlight the best features and angles of a home or architectural structure and can transform and add an artistic element to landscaping and outdoor entertaining and living areas. When choosing outdoor lighting it is important to keep in mind the main functions of outdoor lighting – it should add aesthetic appeal, illuminate areas for outdoor living, and provide safety and security features to the property. Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor collection offers lighting that is energy efficient, of the highest quality standards and is designed to add lasting value and beauty to any exterior application for both residential and commercial use.

Outdoor Pendants


Clematide, SUN9.P.O
36.22″ W x 29.53″ H x 5.71″ D

Outdoor Sconces


Loggia, 7920
9.84″ W x 14.17″ H, 15.75″ D

Outdoor Floor Lamps


Ibiscus, TWIL3
19.69″ W x 49.21″ H, 19.69″ D

Post Mounted Street Lamps


Fiati, 6830.e/H3
10.63″ W x 118.11″ H, 34.45″ D

Path Lights


Attila, LAR194.40.B
5.51″ W x 15.75″ H x 5.51″D



Villa Borghese, SHA1
118.11″ W x 127.95″ H x 118.11″ D



Soiree, SOIR2
51.18″ W x 55.12″ H

Interested in more information on Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor lighting and garden structures? Please call (317) 634-5000 or email us at info@carolollier.com


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Introducing Moonlight – A Luxurious New Modern Pendant Light from Aldo Bernardi

Introducing Aldo Bernardi’s New Modern Moonlight Pendant with Luxurious Shades Finished in Precious Metals

MOON3.GF  Moonlight pendant with gold leaf interior finish. 

Aldo Bernardi is known for his rich and rustic living finishes. He is broadening his personal style by bringing a modern, new look to his design repertoire using steel instead of his traditional brass and copper for his Moonlight series of pendants. Moonlight is the first fixture from Aldo Bernardi’s modern body of work to be introduced in 2013.

Three Shade Reflector Options

The Moonlight features a hemispherical aged steel shade coated with a semi-opaque shellac to slow the natural aging process of the finish.  The shade reflector is available finished in silver, gold, or bronze leaf.

Three Shade Sizes

Moonlight is available in three shade diameter sizes  19 1/2″, 28 1/4″ and 35 1/2″.  The overall height of the pendant needs to be specifed at the time the order is placed.

Energy Efficient

Moonlight pendants support energy efficient light bulbs like LED, Fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs with an E26 medium base. As is true with all of Aldo Bernardi’s lighting, each piece is crafted using handmade processes.

As seen in Architectural Digest! 

The Moonlight pendant, MOON2.SF, the medium-sized pendant from the series with a silver leaf shade was featured in Architectural Digest, March 2013, on pg. 52 under Discoveries and online in March’s Most Wanted Home Furnishings and Accessories. 

For the latest Aldo Bernardi lighting news, industry news and discussions, design inspiration and more; like, follow, and pin us!


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Blue and White : Interior lighting

Why do we love and use blue and white?  It’s a classic combination that has withstood the test of time because it works.  It can look   traditional, modern, relaxing, tranquil, and vibrant based on what shade or tone of blue is paired against white. The Dutch used it in the Delft patterns and it gained popularity with the French in the 18th century, and of course it’s hard to not think of the Greek islands when talking about it.

The Aldo Bernardi lighting collection I Classici in Ceramica contains a selection of handmade ceramic interior light fixtures in blue and white. (All fixtures are also available in white only).  With a range of pendants, sconces, counterweights, and ceiling mounts it makes it easy to create an elegant,  classic, and simple blue and white lighting plan.

Like what you see?  Print or save a .pdf! of the “Blue & White: Interior Lighting”  quick reference guide.
Blue and White – Quick Reference Guide

Portalampada 31/fb

 Portalampada 31/FB

Caracoi 9133/ib/l

Caracoi 9133/IB/L

Caracoi 9104/ib/l

Caracoi 9104/IB/L

Provenza 9915/ib

Provenza 9915/IB

Caracoi 9121/ib/l

Caracoi 9121/IB/L

Provenza 9920/ib

Provenza 9920/IB

Spot 42/fb

Spot 42/FB

Mansarda 41.9821/ib

Mansarda 41.9821/IB

Like what you see?  Print or save a .pdf! of the “Blue & White: Interior Lighting”  quick reference guide.
Blue and White – Quick Reference Guide

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In the Press : New Aldo Bernardi Collection Le Magie ‘dell Elefante

by Morgan Sheets

We quietly released the new Aldo Bernardi collection Le Magie ‘dell Elefante this spring and it has been very well received.   Thank goodness for the warm and sunny welcome because this gray and gloomy Spring weather was dampening our spirits.

The new Le Magie ‘dell Elefante collection is a casual take on Aldo Bernardi’s classic collection with the same farmhouse modern meets rustic chic feel.  The line is a great solution for the current demand of sophisticated yet relaxed comfort in the luxury market.

Like all Aldo Bernardi lighting, Le Magie dell’ Elefante  is designed and manufactured in a small village located northwest of Venice, Italy, in an area renowned for its traditional artisan cottage industries. Le Magie offers everything expected of Aldo Bernardi products: top quality, designs that blend the past with the present need for practicality, versatility, and handcrafted manufacturing but it comes at a more economical price point, which allows for stretching today’s tight budgets. All pieces have been adapted for use in the North American market.

Le Magie dell’ Elefante consists of three collections: Alba (daybreak), Punti di Luce (bright spots) and Opere (opera’s). Mythically, the elephant has been a symbol of wisdom, strength, reliability and longevity and this new casual lighting line by Bernardi reflects these merits with its durability and steadfastness.

This collection is NOT on our website yet, but you can give us a call and we’ll happily send you a catalogue.  Visit our site for contact info – www.carolollier.com.

I could go on and on about how fabulous this new line is but I’ll let the press and blog love speak for itself. 🙂

Happy Spring!  Oh, and you can join us on Facebook and Twitter now too!

January 2011 – Contract Design

March 2011 – Pond Trade Magazine

March 2011 –  Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine

April 2011 – Blissful B Blog – I heart Mondays

May 2011 – Elle Decor

April 2011 – Just Luxe Blog

“Light is not so much something that reveals as it is itself the revelation”. – James Turrell

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter too!

For a catalogue or questions please visit http://www.carolollier.com for contact info.

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Travel Diary #5 – In the City of Angels

A few weeks ago Carol (President of Ollier Distributors) paid a visit to Los Angeles for a round of appointments with designers and architects about the Aldo Bernardi lighting line. Going on the road is always fun because it allows us to introduce new people to the magical world of Aldo Bernardi lighting. The romance, great design, superb construction, and story behind the line make it a delight to show and tell. Traveling and going on sales calls also provides us with great feedback on our sales materials and ensures that we are helping our clients meet the needs of their customers and presenting to their customers. It’s inspiring to step out of familiar, often seen territory, and observe the different trends and types of people that comprise the populace of a city.

Palms in L.A.

The familiar landmarks of the palm trees were a warm welcome. The spiky sharp lines of the palm leaves reminds us of the Civetta chandeliers from the Le Alte Vie collection of Aldo Bernardi lighting. Fun, fresh, and definitely the type to stand out in a crowd.

Traffic, traffic, everywhere!

The traffic is not pleasant to deal with in L.A.  so on this trip it was decided that a rental car and driving were not feasible.  (Note:  This ended up being a great idea.  See the traffic? )  Riding in cabs was much more relaxing.

Kelly Wearstler Interiors Lobby

We met with Leana at Kelly Wearstler Interior Design. We loved the entryway decorated with a rich, eclectic gathering of marble sculptures atop a granite table. The dramatic pattern of the multi colored marble flooring lends a whimsical and refreshing modern twist to a classic material. This space seems to offer a glimmer of the style of Kelly Wearstlers’ designs.  Their design work is very L.A. funky, upbeat, and can be glitzy. Her and her team are masters at mixing elements to create interiors with eclectic and bold visuals.   If you haven’t heard of Kelly Wearstler before you should definitely take a look at her work and website at www.kellywearstler.com.

Aldo Bernardi Duse Counterweight No. 2115

We had a great time meeting with Cassie at Pizzuli Associates ( www.pizzulli.com). Her charming personality and wonderful sense of humor made the visit a pleasure. The focus of the firm is to create cohesive, innovative, and environmentally responsible spaces. At Pizzuli they loved the Aldo Bernardi handmade white ceramic fixtures for use in interiors. These artisan crafted lights fit well with their purpose as a firm. Browse through the galleries of Pizzuli projects and peruse their vast gallery of past works in residential, commercial, hospitality, and more.  An Italian – American owned company paired with an Italian lighting line.  How could we not get along?

Aldo Bernardi Pra Path Lighting

At Exteriors, a landscape design firm, we met with Rick.  Exteriors provides a complete range of landscape design services to custom residential properties. We share the same design vision in that we believe in creating integrated outdoor living spaces or any space in general which work harmoniously with the architecture and the site as well as the personalities of the inhabitants.  Rick especially liked the Pra as a great accent and design in path lighting.

The wine cellar at The Barrett Group

Visiting with Barry at the Barrett Group and touring his office was definitely a highlight of our trip.  His quirky office was featured in Hospitality Design magazine for the most unique office space. The office is a wine cellar!  We love wine and knew this was a match made in heaven. Barry’s office is much like his personality. Innovative and creative with a timeless elegance and a well edited mixture of items combined perfectly.  He’s reminiscent of a Fred Astaire era where men were charming, friendly, warm, and graceful with good manners.

The dining area at Yxta.

Doesn't the food look fresh and yummy? Fellow diners enjoying their meals

Of course with all of this running around refreshments were in order.  A stop was made at Yxta Cocina Mexicana (www.yxta.net) for some refreshment. It’s a funky and cool hidden gem. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but once you walk through the door there’s a pleasant surprise waiting. With a clean, colorful, quirky, and open interior this space offers the perfect venue for a lunch time breather. We loved the sculptural pendants that were chosen to light and set mood to the space.  Lighting is like jewelry for a room.  Just like the perfect jewelry sets off an outfit, the lighting sets off the ambiance, decor, and overall look of the room. The food was fresh and homemade and definitely a good value and quality for the price.   We experienced good service and had a friendly waiter, which can make or break a dining experience! If you’re wondering where the name came from, so were we! Apparently it is derived from the name of one of the restaurant owners teachers at law school.

Steve N., Sales Rep at William Switzer LA

Doesn’t Steve look dashing?   Steve is fun to work with and we had a lot of fun running around and giving presentations.  He’s very professional, organized, and nice to look at!  We love the classic blue and white patterns he has chosen to bring out his striking blue eyes and salt and pepper hair.  He looks very handsome, fresh, and polished.  Steve N.  is one of the sales reps at William Switzer in Los Angeles.  Stop in the showroom and say hi sometime!

Display window at William Switzer Los Angeles

On display in the William Switzer window are the Aldo Bernardi Foresteria sconces from the Gli Ottoni collection. They add an elegant touch of solidity and luxury. We love the rich cream and black textured commode and mirror.

Dennis G. hard at work inside the William Switzer showroom in L.A.

Inside the showroom Dennis is waiting to assist! He was showing off some finish samples when we snapped this pic. Those color palettes look great with the Aldo Bernardi Ferrovia pendant shown in the foreground.

Bedroom display in William Switzer Showroom

The bedroom display at William Switzer shows the perfect pairing of Aldo Bernardi’s unique and classic Civetta chandelier with this traditional four post bed.  The Loggia sconces attached with the Aldo Bernardi L’Impianto system add the perfect weight and ground this arrangement together as a whole.

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“One Hour in Italy” / Chicago

Charles Pollock Showroom
Merchandise Mart

3:45 p.m.

As Jackson arranges the golden sunflowers on the table, we three stand back to admire the food and wine part of our event – ready to begin in 15 minutes.

The stately red Primitivo wine bottles are clustered and we open two to pour into carafes. The only things missing are the pizzas!

Wine Bottles

May 11, 2010

Flashback to 3:15 p.m: The Pizza Caper

Fernando at Mia Francesca assures me our nine pizzas will be ready promptly at 3:30 for the taxi driver to pick up (arranged by the wonderful concierge at The Whitehall Hotel).

But the 3-way cell phone conversation goes like this (severely edited):

Me: Fernando, the fax with the credit card information is on its way. The taxi driver will be there in ten minutes!

Fernando: Va bene! Ciao!

Taxi Driver: Is this Carol? I’m at 200 E. Chestnut and there is no restaurant here!

Me: Look again – Mia Francesca.

Taxi Driver: I don’t see it!

Me: It has to be there!!

(Multiply the above exchange x 3)

Taxi Driver: OH! Yes, I see it. How do I get the pizzas?

Me: Hold on….just a moment (switching to a land line)….
Ciao, Fernando? Please – somebody needs to bring the pizzas out to the driver.

Fernando: I thought the driver was going to call me when he arrived!

Me: He called me! Now I’m calling you!

Taxi Driver: Hello? Hello?

Me: Don’ go anywhere! They’re coming out right now with the pizzas! I will be at the main entrance of the Merchandise Mart – what’s your taxi number?

3:58 p.m.

And there is the bright yellow taxi, No. 5285, bringing pizzas in large brown bags emblazoned: Mia Francesca.

Carol and I lift them out of the front seat and all we can do is laugh when we greet the driver, who is thankfully laughing too.

Mamma mia.

4:02 p.m.

Hot Margherita and Napoletano pizzas land on the table!

As guests begin to arrive, Jackson and I pour wine and hand out raffle tickets. We are giving away a stunning lighting fixture (Aldo Bernardi, Duse Counter Weight),

a $100 gift certificate towards a lighting purchase and copies of my historical novel of Italy, “The Stonecutter’s Aria”.

The raffle ticket also invites our guests to answer this soulful question: “How would you spend one hour in Italy?”

No one has any trouble coming up with ideas. Click here to read a few and we invite you to add your own if you wish! (We liked, “I would wash my face in gelato” and “Get Lost”).

Aldo Bernardi’s lighting fixtures are all around the showroom and Carol has placed pieces of them on a table for the designers to pick up and get a close look at the finishes and craftsmanship. Instantly, they realize they must put down their wine glass first, as the fixtures are authentic and therefore heavy.

This seems to impress people – and it should! Aldo is the real thing.

Carol gives a series of short presentations to introduce our company, Ollier Distributors, and her journey of bringing quality European products to the American market, Aldo Bernardi being Numero Uno.

Carol speaks with photographer, Barry who admires the photos of our latest installation of Aldo Bernardi lighting at the Yellowstone Club, Montana .

I listen to designer, Mark, who shares his stories of Italian ancestors as I sign a copy of my book for him. With impeccable timing, Jackson brings out the gelato limone for everyone and shakes the raffle bowl before dipping his hand in to pull out the winning tickets.

Francine wins the Duse counterweight!
Mark wins the $100 certificate!

Our guests begin to trickle out to the last stanzas of Dean Martin singing, “An Evening in Roma.”

So, we ended up having almost three hours in Italy…..Come bello!

Here is more information on people, places and services mentioned…..

Aldo Bernardi Lighting (www.aldobernardi.it)
Carol Ollier, Ollier Distributors (www.carolollier.com)
Jackson Adams, Charles Pollock (www.charlespollockshowroom.com)
Carol Faenzi, Ollier Distributors/Author (www.thestonecuttersaria.com)

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Travel Diary # 3 – Lunch in Asolo

Buon Pranzo (Have a good lunch!)



27 FebbriaoSabato

As we enter Asolo, the town of one hundred horizons, it is immediately obvious we are in a special place in Italy even among many special places.  Asolo sits high up in the hills and the curved streets leading to “ il centro” are filled with gated villas and very chic boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Robert Browning wrote his final poem, “Asolando” while living here and the famous stage actress, Elenora Duse, lived her final days here as well, and is buried in its cemetery.  As we turn into the main piazza, we see the hotel named after her.

After a long dull winter in Indiana, we are absolutely enthralled with the idea of sitting outside and the Bar Centrale is a magnet for winter weary souls.  Very sophisticated Italians, dressed to the nines in Ferragamo, are sitting at tables “al fresco”, soaking up the sun.  We find a parking place close by and while Aak parks, Carol and I find the last empty table in the sun at Bar Centrale.  There is no wind and the sun and heat feel divine on our faces.  We order “tre bicchiere di vino bianco” and they arrive at the table as Aak joins us.

As we enjoy this beautiful atmosphere, watching the locals come and go, I cannot help but think how differently people dress in Italy and other cities of Europe than in America.  There is a sense of pride and fashion and yet in such a natural way.  I see no sneakers, khakis or golf shirts on the men.  An elegant lady glides by, wrapped up in a soft orange cashmere stole….her silver hair pulled back and Carol and I both notice how beautiful she is.

We are getting hungry, but the bar really only offers drinks and gelato, so while Aak remains to enjoy another glass of vino, Carol and I agree to find our lunch spot.  We have asked for recommendations from our albergo and have a place written down called Osteria Ca D’Erton.

We find it and I get our table for three while Carol goes to retrieve Aak.   It is a beautiful restaurant and with Aldo Bernardi fixtures installed throughout!  The background music is American standards ala Cole Porter and that era.  The restaurant is owned by Nino and his mother, Antoinetta.

We have an outstanding lunch.  We are still in love with the rucola salad we had the night before, so order that.  We share dishes that include suckling pig (that has been cooked for 22 hours we are told and we believe it when we taste it); local handmade sausage; sea bass that has been baked slowly in olive oil in a foamy, creamy yet light sauce, gnocchi with a sauce made purely of vegetables, including a bright green broccoli.  The sauce is so green, it looks like food coloring has been added.   The gnocchi melts in the mouth.  Veal cheeks, braised, likewise melted in the mouth, and the juice is soaked up by the layer of potato puree underneath.

We order a local white sauvignon blanc (after a first glass of prosecco, which comes with every meal, it seems).  There is no room for dessert, but a tray of cantucci and other biscotti (including a type made with polenta and raisins) arrive with our espresso.

The chef, Nino, tall and always smiling, takes great delight that we enjoy our meals.   He is very enthusiastic (when the dish of veal cheeks arrived, he asked me to break a bread stick in half and insert it into the meat so I would be convinced of its tenderness).

We visit with him afterwards and he shows us the room where one can have a private meal, surrounded by all the wines and liquors offered, including an array of grappas.

When we leave the restaurant, it is going on four and we briefly discuss the idea of going back to the hotel, taking a pisolino (nap) and coming back that evening.  But the shops are opening and there is the castle and we want to see and the Hotel Cipriani and one thing leads to another.  We see many shops have closed and it is sadly evident that the bad economy reaches even into this beautiful place.

We notice several places for rent or purchase and imagine having a small office and pied a terre here.  We wander the gardens of Cipriani and take photos of the landscape.  Likewise, walking up to the castle and looking out over its walls, the light is changing into sunset and it is easy to understand how this town got its name, the town of one hundred horizons.  Yes, a poet could find all the inspiration he or she needed right here.

We meet Paolo, the owner of an enoteca.  I want to know more about Passito and Amarone and he is more than happy to educate us.  Paolo is charming and wicked in a fun way, so we decide we might come back later to enjoy a drink, but we are still so full from lunch, we can’t imagine imbibing anything in this moment.  We say arriverderci to Paolo.

Then we find Ennio.  A store selling the particular pastries, ingredients, wine and such from the region fills the windows and after taking a photo or two, we are compelled to go in.  We spend an hour in Ennio’s store, which he says has been in existence for 160 years.  Ennio has a very deep and raspy voice, that sounds as if he has a physical impairment, but we understand him.  He shows us the best of the best from porcini mushrooms to grappa to olive oil to balsamic vinegar to flour to make pasta, to honey to risotto, to special pastries to prosciutto di parma to formaggio.  He gives us samples and we buy everything, especially when he gives the product a little pat and says, “e stupendo!”  We walk out with several heavy bags and feel we have made a new friend.  Ennio.

We wander in and of shops….one selling a dizzying amount of expensive and antique silver, a clothing boutique of fine Italian linen in muted colors…..

By this time, we are thirsty and decide to see Paolo for a glass of wine and further amusement.  He suggests an Amarone which Aak and I order.  Carol orders Pino, which comes from Toscana and is a blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet.  We agree hers is best, but the Amarone I have not enjoyed for a very long time and it is one of my favorites.

We say, let’s buy a bottle of Pino and go back to the albergo, enjoy a few slices of prosciutto e parmigiano on slices of the bread we bought from Ennio, sit outside perhaps.  Perche non?  (Paolo says he only has one bottle of Pino and it is a Riserva – 80 euros!  Troppo caro, we say.  We buy a local cabernet instead.)  Va bene.

Back at the albergo, we do just that, but there is no place to go outside,  We see it has been taken over by young Saturday night revelers.   We sit in a quiet dining room, light our candles and enjoy our picnic.  We drink the bottle and relive our excellent day…..Palladio’s villa, the Hotel Cipriani, Nino’s restaurant, Ennio’s grocery, the drive through the countryside in sunshine.

E stupendo!!

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