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Travel Diary #5 – In the City of Angels

A few weeks ago Carol (President of Ollier Distributors) paid a visit to Los Angeles for a round of appointments with designers and architects about the Aldo Bernardi lighting line. Going on the road is always fun because it allows us to introduce new people to the magical world of Aldo Bernardi lighting. The romance, great design, superb construction, and story behind the line make it a delight to show and tell. Traveling and going on sales calls also provides us with great feedback on our sales materials and ensures that we are helping our clients meet the needs of their customers and presenting to their customers. It’s inspiring to step out of familiar, often seen territory, and observe the different trends and types of people that comprise the populace of a city.

Palms in L.A.

The familiar landmarks of the palm trees were a warm welcome. The spiky sharp lines of the palm leaves reminds us of the Civetta chandeliers from the Le Alte Vie collection of Aldo Bernardi lighting. Fun, fresh, and definitely the type to stand out in a crowd.

Traffic, traffic, everywhere!

The traffic is not pleasant to deal with in L.A.  so on this trip it was decided that a rental car and driving were not feasible.  (Note:  This ended up being a great idea.  See the traffic? )  Riding in cabs was much more relaxing.

Kelly Wearstler Interiors Lobby

We met with Leana at Kelly Wearstler Interior Design. We loved the entryway decorated with a rich, eclectic gathering of marble sculptures atop a granite table. The dramatic pattern of the multi colored marble flooring lends a whimsical and refreshing modern twist to a classic material. This space seems to offer a glimmer of the style of Kelly Wearstlers’ designs.  Their design work is very L.A. funky, upbeat, and can be glitzy. Her and her team are masters at mixing elements to create interiors with eclectic and bold visuals.   If you haven’t heard of Kelly Wearstler before you should definitely take a look at her work and website at www.kellywearstler.com.

Aldo Bernardi Duse Counterweight No. 2115

We had a great time meeting with Cassie at Pizzuli Associates ( www.pizzulli.com). Her charming personality and wonderful sense of humor made the visit a pleasure. The focus of the firm is to create cohesive, innovative, and environmentally responsible spaces. At Pizzuli they loved the Aldo Bernardi handmade white ceramic fixtures for use in interiors. These artisan crafted lights fit well with their purpose as a firm. Browse through the galleries of Pizzuli projects and peruse their vast gallery of past works in residential, commercial, hospitality, and more.  An Italian – American owned company paired with an Italian lighting line.  How could we not get along?

Aldo Bernardi Pra Path Lighting

At Exteriors, a landscape design firm, we met with Rick.  Exteriors provides a complete range of landscape design services to custom residential properties. We share the same design vision in that we believe in creating integrated outdoor living spaces or any space in general which work harmoniously with the architecture and the site as well as the personalities of the inhabitants.  Rick especially liked the Pra as a great accent and design in path lighting.

The wine cellar at The Barrett Group

Visiting with Barry at the Barrett Group and touring his office was definitely a highlight of our trip.  His quirky office was featured in Hospitality Design magazine for the most unique office space. The office is a wine cellar!  We love wine and knew this was a match made in heaven. Barry’s office is much like his personality. Innovative and creative with a timeless elegance and a well edited mixture of items combined perfectly.  He’s reminiscent of a Fred Astaire era where men were charming, friendly, warm, and graceful with good manners.

The dining area at Yxta.

Doesn't the food look fresh and yummy? Fellow diners enjoying their meals

Of course with all of this running around refreshments were in order.  A stop was made at Yxta Cocina Mexicana (www.yxta.net) for some refreshment. It’s a funky and cool hidden gem. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but once you walk through the door there’s a pleasant surprise waiting. With a clean, colorful, quirky, and open interior this space offers the perfect venue for a lunch time breather. We loved the sculptural pendants that were chosen to light and set mood to the space.  Lighting is like jewelry for a room.  Just like the perfect jewelry sets off an outfit, the lighting sets off the ambiance, decor, and overall look of the room. The food was fresh and homemade and definitely a good value and quality for the price.   We experienced good service and had a friendly waiter, which can make or break a dining experience! If you’re wondering where the name came from, so were we! Apparently it is derived from the name of one of the restaurant owners teachers at law school.

Steve N., Sales Rep at William Switzer LA

Doesn’t Steve look dashing?   Steve is fun to work with and we had a lot of fun running around and giving presentations.  He’s very professional, organized, and nice to look at!  We love the classic blue and white patterns he has chosen to bring out his striking blue eyes and salt and pepper hair.  He looks very handsome, fresh, and polished.  Steve N.  is one of the sales reps at William Switzer in Los Angeles.  Stop in the showroom and say hi sometime!

Display window at William Switzer Los Angeles

On display in the William Switzer window are the Aldo Bernardi Foresteria sconces from the Gli Ottoni collection. They add an elegant touch of solidity and luxury. We love the rich cream and black textured commode and mirror.

Dennis G. hard at work inside the William Switzer showroom in L.A.

Inside the showroom Dennis is waiting to assist! He was showing off some finish samples when we snapped this pic. Those color palettes look great with the Aldo Bernardi Ferrovia pendant shown in the foreground.

Bedroom display in William Switzer Showroom

The bedroom display at William Switzer shows the perfect pairing of Aldo Bernardi’s unique and classic Civetta chandelier with this traditional four post bed.  The Loggia sconces attached with the Aldo Bernardi L’Impianto system add the perfect weight and ground this arrangement together as a whole.


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