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Introducing Moonlight – A Luxurious New Modern Pendant Light from Aldo Bernardi

Introducing Aldo Bernardi’s New Modern Moonlight Pendant with Luxurious Shades Finished in Precious Metals

MOON3.GF  Moonlight pendant with gold leaf interior finish. 

Aldo Bernardi is known for his rich and rustic living finishes. He is broadening his personal style by bringing a modern, new look to his design repertoire using steel instead of his traditional brass and copper for his Moonlight series of pendants. Moonlight is the first fixture from Aldo Bernardi’s modern body of work to be introduced in 2013.

Three Shade Reflector Options

The Moonlight features a hemispherical aged steel shade coated with a semi-opaque shellac to slow the natural aging process of the finish.  The shade reflector is available finished in silver, gold, or bronze leaf.

Three Shade Sizes

Moonlight is available in three shade diameter sizes  19 1/2″, 28 1/4″ and 35 1/2″.  The overall height of the pendant needs to be specifed at the time the order is placed.

Energy Efficient

Moonlight pendants support energy efficient light bulbs like LED, Fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs with an E26 medium base. As is true with all of Aldo Bernardi’s lighting, each piece is crafted using handmade processes.

As seen in Architectural Digest! 

The Moonlight pendant, MOON2.SF, the medium-sized pendant from the series with a silver leaf shade was featured in Architectural Digest, March 2013, on pg. 52 under Discoveries and online in March’s Most Wanted Home Furnishings and Accessories. 

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2012 Best of the Press

The year has flown by so fast! Before we move on to the next, we want to take a look back and reflect on the accolades and accomplishments of the year that has past. We’re proud to have received a lot of great press in the United States in 2012 for the new outdoor collection Shadows and Lights by Aldo Bernardi.  Enjoy browsing the Aldo Bernardi lighting chosen as press worthy this past year and as always please let us know if you have any questions!


California Homes, April 2012. Elicriso, TWIL1 Outdoor Aged Brass Floor Lamp.


Elle Decor, June 2012. SOIR2 Aged Brass Lighted Trellis.


Residential Architect, July 2012. Clematide SUN9/P/O Aged Brass Outdoor Pendant.


Traditional Home, July/August 2012. Clematide SUN9/P/O Aged Brass Outdoor Pendant.


Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Kitchens and Baths Winter 2012. Provenza 9915/ib Handpainted Ceramic Blue and White Counterweight.

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Illuminate Holiday Tables with Bespoke Lighting

Aldo Bernardi Lighting, The Yellowstone Club, Montana

The Yellowstone Club, Montana

The holidays are the busiest entertaining season of the year, and everyone wishes their living spaces to look their absolute best for holiday entertaining.  Cozy gatherings on cold wintry evenings call for intimate and warm lighting that increases the warmth and comfort of the space but still provides enough working light.

Ciotole Pendant Balena Chicago

The Ciotole G130/B/A pendant. Balena, Chicago.

Small groupings of pendants or solitary lights can create a more intimate and inviting environment.  “The homeowner should select a style and material finish that they find pleasing to themselves and the space, working in balance with the scale of the furniture, the number of seats, the size of the actual room and the overall color scheme.”, Aldo Bernardi.

Civetta 11.600 Chandelier

The Civetta 11.600 chandelier. The Yellowstone Club, Montana.

The Civetta 11.600 chandelier was customized with Aldo Bernardi’s conduit system, L’Impianto to create unique, one of a kind, statement chandeliers for this luxury lodge.

Aldo Bernardi believes that lighting is the most integral element to dress a space and create mood. When illuminating contained indoor spaces like a dining area, understanding the nuances of lighting, from the best style to select, to the ideal placement, type of lighting and relationship between different light sources can enhance or detract from a room’s ambiance and functionality.

Pramper 11.910 Aged Brass Contemporary Industrial Pendant

The Pramper 11.910. Inspired by the high roads and mountain passes this contemporary industrial pendant has clean simple lines, and clearly sparkles and shines.

May your holidays be merry and all of your parties beautifully lit!

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Spotlight on Balena: New Italian-Inspired Eatery in Chicago is Illuminated by Rustic Chic Lighting from Designer Aldo Bernardi


Above: The Fiati 6800.a. aged brass sconces by Aldo Bernardi ground and illuminate this space which is reminiscent of a Tuscan cobblestone street. 

Balena, a joint venture between the Bristol team (Chicago gastropub, The Bristol) and the Boka Group (one of the premier chef driven restaurant groups in the country), opened this spring as one of Chicago’s hottest new restaurants.  Its glass facade, 28 foot cathedral ceiliings, and large arched glass windows create a greenhouse-like space.   Karen Herold, VP, 555 International, (a design, fabrication, and management firm) created a modern farmhouse feel, simple and rustic, elegant and refined.  Karen chose to use Aldo Bernardi lighting for Balena since both brands embody the soul, charm and bespoke characteristics of a true artisan, and both stand for authenticity, honesty, and excellence. Karen has specified Aldo Bernardi for other high-profile hospitality projects before. Our breadth and depth of styles, sizes and finishes meet her exacting needs, and our custom capabilities make almost anything possible.

Above: One solitary Ciotole pendant by Aldo Bernardi creates an intimate, dining area for eight. Made of aged brass and ceramic, the Ciotole is from the designer’s I Classici in Ceramica line. 

Want to see more?  Browse the Aldo Bernardi lighting collections for a wide range of interior and exterior lighting including custom options on the web at

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Photo credits: Eric Kleinberg

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Light bulbs : the energy efficient era

Energy conservation is the way of the future, and the light bulb can make a major contribution to the needed changes that come along with it.  The evolution of the light bulb will benefit both the consumer and the environment.  The use of new energy-efficient technology, durability, lower voltage and lower wattage equate to consuming less resources and to less money spent on the energy bill.  Longer lasting light bulbs also help decrease waste from less replacement and less disposal.

HOW to buy a light bulb in times of energy conservation

Newly enacted federal regulations will have the existing incandescent bulbs being phased out for more energy efficient options such as Halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent) and most recently the Light Emitting Diode (LED) light bulb over the next three years.  The first to go this year was the 100 watt incandescent light bulb, to be followed by the 75W in 2013, the 60W in 2014 etc. The core issue is that a light bulb, depending on its application, needs to produce a certain amount of light units (or Lumen) to serve its purpose. In times when the incandescent bulb was the only thing available, the amount of energy used to produce the desired amount of Lumen was expressed in Watts. For example: ambient lighting, which needs to produce a low to moderate amount of Lumen, uses 40w or 60W of electricity, whereas for task lighting, for which more Lumen is required , the consumer may use a 100W, 120W or even 150W to produce this level of lighting. One way to conserve electricity is by restricting the commercial availability of high Wattage incandescent bulbs, but that would mean that we would also have to live with lower levels of lighting, unless – and that is what these new technologies are all about – we find ways to produce more lumen for less used electricity. The new lighting laws require that light bulb manufacturers produce light bulbs that use no more than 72 Watts to produce the amount of Lumen traditionally produced by a 100W incandescent bulb.  Light bulb manufacturers will also have to follow new packaging requirements that display the amount of Lumen the bulb produces rather than the amount of Watts that it consumes.  This counteracts the consumer’s habitual tendency to look for high wattage bulbs where much light is needed.

Imagine the energy that could be saved if you could produce the same amount of Lumen from 20W versus 100W; that could cut a chunk out of the electricity bill!   We haven’t reached that point yet, but it does appear to be on the horizon.

Besides Lumen, another factor to consider in purchasing a light bulb is the color of light it produces   Light color is measured on a temperature scale and its unit of measure is a Kelvin.  The lower the number on the Kelvin scale the warmer the color is, the higher the number the cooler the color gets. A typical incandescent bulb comes in at 2700K – 3000K and gives off a warm yellow light.   To get a color that is more natural or like daylight it should be between 5000-6500k.   So far, one of the downsides of the new crop of light bulbs is that they do not produce the same amount of Lumen or have the same level of kelvin as our beloved incandescent. Manufacturers are busy meeting these challenges and their efforts are reflected in the price.

LEDs Light (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs reviewed:

The Panasonic LED Nostalgic Clear Type definitely lives up to its name.    It has a close resemblance to an Edison filament bulb and is the top contender in my opinion for an attractive energy efficient bulb to replace a standard incandescent.  It has an E27 base and can be used in any light fixture that uses the standard socket for Medium based light bulbs, produces 200 lumens ( low, unfortunately), and is expected to last 40,000 hours.  The drawback?  It is not dimmable and produces (rough estimate) the equivalent of light to a 25W incandescent, not much. While this light bulb is not yet in production, hopefully it will be soon!  (This light bulb is listed on Panasonic’s UK website, so I do hope that it will become available in the U.S.)

Photo credit: Panasonic LED Nostalgic Clear Type – LDAHV4L27CG

Toshiba has a basic white model – the 450 series.    This pretty much looks just like a white incandescent bulb with the addition of the cooling ribs. (LED bulbs produce more heat!) It gives it an interesting look without demanding too much attention visually.  It has an output of 450 lumens (about a 40 watt on the old system), reaches full intensity immediately, and it is dimmable!

Toshiba 450 series

If you need a decorative flame tip bulb then this TCP brand bulb is for you.   It uses a mere 3 watts and has an output of 100 Lumen.  Supposed to last at least 25,000 hours and is mercury and lead free.  This bulb should not be used however in a fixture where the bulb would be enclosed as it shortens the life of the bulb. – TCP  Sku# – LDF3WH30K

If a dimmable globe for a bathroom or vanity is what you need, then this bulb is for you! This bulb consumes 10 watts of power and is meant to replace the 40W incandescent bulb.  It produces 420 lumens, 3000K, and is expected to last 25,000 hours. It also happens to cost $34.95.  The price needs to be weighed against the long term savings on the electricity bill.

FEIT Dimmable Globe LED

Plumen is the first to bring a designer bulb to the energy efficiency scene with the Plumen 001 by Hulger.    In applications where the bulb takes center stage to the fixture this bulb could make a very interesting and efficient statement.  For a mere 11 watts this bulb produces 680 lumen at 2700K and has a life expectancy of 8 years.   The bad news is that it is not dimmable and runs $29.95.  Still, this is a great snapshot of where the future could go with light bulbs.

Plumen 001 by Hulger

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Blue and White : Interior lighting

Why do we love and use blue and white?  It’s a classic combination that has withstood the test of time because it works.  It can look   traditional, modern, relaxing, tranquil, and vibrant based on what shade or tone of blue is paired against white. The Dutch used it in the Delft patterns and it gained popularity with the French in the 18th century, and of course it’s hard to not think of the Greek islands when talking about it.

The Aldo Bernardi lighting collection I Classici in Ceramica contains a selection of handmade ceramic interior light fixtures in blue and white. (All fixtures are also available in white only).  With a range of pendants, sconces, counterweights, and ceiling mounts it makes it easy to create an elegant,  classic, and simple blue and white lighting plan.

Like what you see?  Print or save a .pdf! of the “Blue & White: Interior Lighting”  quick reference guide.
Blue and White – Quick Reference Guide

Portalampada 31/fb

 Portalampada 31/FB

Caracoi 9133/ib/l

Caracoi 9133/IB/L

Caracoi 9104/ib/l

Caracoi 9104/IB/L

Provenza 9915/ib

Provenza 9915/IB

Caracoi 9121/ib/l

Caracoi 9121/IB/L

Provenza 9920/ib

Provenza 9920/IB

Spot 42/fb

Spot 42/FB

Mansarda 41.9821/ib

Mansarda 41.9821/IB

Like what you see?  Print or save a .pdf! of the “Blue & White: Interior Lighting”  quick reference guide.
Blue and White – Quick Reference Guide

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In the Press : New Aldo Bernardi Collection Le Magie ‘dell Elefante

by Morgan Sheets

We quietly released the new Aldo Bernardi collection Le Magie ‘dell Elefante this spring and it has been very well received.   Thank goodness for the warm and sunny welcome because this gray and gloomy Spring weather was dampening our spirits.

The new Le Magie ‘dell Elefante collection is a casual take on Aldo Bernardi’s classic collection with the same farmhouse modern meets rustic chic feel.  The line is a great solution for the current demand of sophisticated yet relaxed comfort in the luxury market.

Like all Aldo Bernardi lighting, Le Magie dell’ Elefante  is designed and manufactured in a small village located northwest of Venice, Italy, in an area renowned for its traditional artisan cottage industries. Le Magie offers everything expected of Aldo Bernardi products: top quality, designs that blend the past with the present need for practicality, versatility, and handcrafted manufacturing but it comes at a more economical price point, which allows for stretching today’s tight budgets. All pieces have been adapted for use in the North American market.

Le Magie dell’ Elefante consists of three collections: Alba (daybreak), Punti di Luce (bright spots) and Opere (opera’s). Mythically, the elephant has been a symbol of wisdom, strength, reliability and longevity and this new casual lighting line by Bernardi reflects these merits with its durability and steadfastness.

This collection is NOT on our website yet, but you can give us a call and we’ll happily send you a catalogue.  Visit our site for contact info –

I could go on and on about how fabulous this new line is but I’ll let the press and blog love speak for itself. 🙂

Happy Spring!  Oh, and you can join us on Facebook and Twitter now too!

January 2011 – Contract Design

March 2011 – Pond Trade Magazine

March 2011 –  Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine

April 2011 – Blissful B Blog – I heart Mondays

May 2011 – Elle Decor

April 2011 – Just Luxe Blog

“Light is not so much something that reveals as it is itself the revelation”. – James Turrell

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