Aldo Bernardi Outdoor Lighting Creates Curb Appeal And Adds Value To Homes

Ollier Distributors, Inc., exclusive Aldo Bernardi lighting distributor for the USA and Canada, recognizes that outdoor living and lighting is a major shelter industry trend for 2013. Ollier has seen a significant increase in sales of outdoor lighting and lighted trellises this spring from homeowners creating added value by developing their green spaces and patios into outdoor living and dining areas.

According to a poll given to landscape architects specializing in residential design released in February 2013 by the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor living spaces received a 94.5 percent rating of very popular with lighting specifically receiving a popularity rating of 95.1 percent. Outdoor lighting is a major component of outdoor living and garden areas and is an essential element in the perceived value and curb appeal of a property. Outdoor lighting can significantly enhance or detract from a property’s first impression – yet it is one of the most cost effective options for homeowners to improve outdoor living areas. “For homeowners looking to add perceived value to their property, the right outdoor lighting can do wonders for a home’s exterior, ” Curb Appeal, Residential Lighting Magazine.

Furthermore, real estate professionals notice that homes that are beautifully landscaped and have quality outdoor lighting (for both home and garden) sell faster and show more often than homes without this type of curb appeal. “Lighting professionals like to say that good exterior home lighting can add up to 20% to the perceived value of a home. And perception can add up to real money.”,

Outdoor lighting is used to highlight the best features and angles of a home or architectural structure and can transform and add an artistic element to landscaping and outdoor entertaining and living areas. When choosing outdoor lighting it is important to keep in mind the main functions of outdoor lighting – it should add aesthetic appeal, illuminate areas for outdoor living, and provide safety and security features to the property. Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor collection offers lighting that is energy efficient, of the highest quality standards and is designed to add lasting value and beauty to any exterior application for both residential and commercial use.

Outdoor Pendants


Clematide, SUN9.P.O
36.22″ W x 29.53″ H x 5.71″ D

Outdoor Sconces


Loggia, 7920
9.84″ W x 14.17″ H, 15.75″ D

Outdoor Floor Lamps


Ibiscus, TWIL3
19.69″ W x 49.21″ H, 19.69″ D

Post Mounted Street Lamps


Fiati, 6830.e/H3
10.63″ W x 118.11″ H, 34.45″ D

Path Lights


Attila, LAR194.40.B
5.51″ W x 15.75″ H x 5.51″D



Villa Borghese, SHA1
118.11″ W x 127.95″ H x 118.11″ D



Soiree, SOIR2
51.18″ W x 55.12″ H

Interested in more information on Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor lighting and garden structures? Please call (317) 634-5000 or email us at

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Aldo Bernardi Expands Line Of Outdoor Floor Lamps


Caprifoglio floor lamps by Aldo Bernardi beautifully illuminate and accent this Italian outdoor living space.

Ollier Distributors Inc., the exclusive distributor of Aldo Bernardi lighting in the USA and Canada, announces the addition of stationary outdoor floor lamps with aged brass bases to Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor living collection.

The new floor lamps will be added to Aldo Bernardi’s current collection of outdoor lighting designed to expand the living room beyond the house.

The outdoor living collection includes lighted gazebos, pergolas, trellises and floor standing lamps. Outdoor living rooms are increasingly becoming a popular way for homeowners to add value and functional living space to their homes. Humans intrinsically have a desire to connect with and be close to nature, and an outdoor living area satisfies this in addition to creating space for lounging and entertaining.

The outdoor floor lamps – Pitosforo and Caprifoglio – feature a clean and modern silhouette and are made of aged brass tubing, with shiny white methacrylate shades and concrete bases covered with aged copper. These floor lamps are ideal for use under gazebos, pergolas or in any outdoor living room to create ambiance by day or night. The classic lines of the floor lamps lend themselves to an array of design styles from contemporary to transitional.

Pitosforo, TWIL4/B - 15.75"W x 52" H, E27 x 70W

Pitosforo, TWIL4/B – 15.75″W x 52″ H, E27 x 70W

Caprifoglio floor lamp by Aldo Bernardi. TWIL3/B.  19.69" W x 59: H, E27 x 70W

Caprifoglio, TWIL3/B. 19.69″ W x 59: H, E27 x 70W

For pricing or sizing information on the floor lamps please contact Ollier Distributors at 317-634-5000 or via email at info(at)carolollier(dot)com

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Introducing Moonlight – A Luxurious New Modern Pendant Light from Aldo Bernardi

Introducing Aldo Bernardi’s New Modern Moonlight Pendant with Luxurious Shades Finished in Precious Metals

MOON3.GF  Moonlight pendant with gold leaf interior finish. 

Aldo Bernardi is known for his rich and rustic living finishes. He is broadening his personal style by bringing a modern, new look to his design repertoire using steel instead of his traditional brass and copper for his Moonlight series of pendants. Moonlight is the first fixture from Aldo Bernardi’s modern body of work to be introduced in 2013.

Three Shade Reflector Options

The Moonlight features a hemispherical aged steel shade coated with a semi-opaque shellac to slow the natural aging process of the finish.  The shade reflector is available finished in silver, gold, or bronze leaf.

Three Shade Sizes

Moonlight is available in three shade diameter sizes  19 1/2″, 28 1/4″ and 35 1/2″.  The overall height of the pendant needs to be specifed at the time the order is placed.

Energy Efficient

Moonlight pendants support energy efficient light bulbs like LED, Fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs with an E26 medium base. As is true with all of Aldo Bernardi’s lighting, each piece is crafted using handmade processes.

As seen in Architectural Digest! 

The Moonlight pendant, MOON2.SF, the medium-sized pendant from the series with a silver leaf shade was featured in Architectural Digest, March 2013, on pg. 52 under Discoveries and online in March’s Most Wanted Home Furnishings and Accessories. 

For the latest Aldo Bernardi lighting news, industry news and discussions, design inspiration and more; like, follow, and pin us!


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2012 Best of the Press

The year has flown by so fast! Before we move on to the next, we want to take a look back and reflect on the accolades and accomplishments of the year that has past. We’re proud to have received a lot of great press in the United States in 2012 for the new outdoor collection Shadows and Lights by Aldo Bernardi.  Enjoy browsing the Aldo Bernardi lighting chosen as press worthy this past year and as always please let us know if you have any questions!


California Homes, April 2012. Elicriso, TWIL1 Outdoor Aged Brass Floor Lamp.


Elle Decor, June 2012. SOIR2 Aged Brass Lighted Trellis.


Residential Architect, July 2012. Clematide SUN9/P/O Aged Brass Outdoor Pendant.


Traditional Home, July/August 2012. Clematide SUN9/P/O Aged Brass Outdoor Pendant.


Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Kitchens and Baths Winter 2012. Provenza 9915/ib Handpainted Ceramic Blue and White Counterweight.

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Illuminate Holiday Tables with Bespoke Lighting

Aldo Bernardi Lighting, The Yellowstone Club, Montana

The Yellowstone Club, Montana

The holidays are the busiest entertaining season of the year, and everyone wishes their living spaces to look their absolute best for holiday entertaining.  Cozy gatherings on cold wintry evenings call for intimate and warm lighting that increases the warmth and comfort of the space but still provides enough working light.

Ciotole Pendant Balena Chicago

The Ciotole G130/B/A pendant. Balena, Chicago.

Small groupings of pendants or solitary lights can create a more intimate and inviting environment.  “The homeowner should select a style and material finish that they find pleasing to themselves and the space, working in balance with the scale of the furniture, the number of seats, the size of the actual room and the overall color scheme.”, Aldo Bernardi.

Civetta 11.600 Chandelier

The Civetta 11.600 chandelier. The Yellowstone Club, Montana.

The Civetta 11.600 chandelier was customized with Aldo Bernardi’s conduit system, L’Impianto to create unique, one of a kind, statement chandeliers for this luxury lodge.

Aldo Bernardi believes that lighting is the most integral element to dress a space and create mood. When illuminating contained indoor spaces like a dining area, understanding the nuances of lighting, from the best style to select, to the ideal placement, type of lighting and relationship between different light sources can enhance or detract from a room’s ambiance and functionality.

Pramper 11.910 Aged Brass Contemporary Industrial Pendant

The Pramper 11.910. Inspired by the high roads and mountain passes this contemporary industrial pendant has clean simple lines, and clearly sparkles and shines.

May your holidays be merry and all of your parties beautifully lit!

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Aldo Bernardi’s New Lighted Collection of Outdoor Structures “Shadows”

The quest for harmony between beauty and functionality has always been at the heart of Italian lighting designer Aldo Bernardi’s creations, and this is ever so apparent in his new collection of lighted outdoor structures “Shadows.”  This collection of gazebos, trellises and a pergola was designed to produce fascinating “chiaroscuro” effects: the Italian art of dramatizing the contrast between light and shadow. These structures feature elegant silhouettes with unique styles and can be covered with either climbing plants or cloth to create privacy in outdoor living spaces. While the design world has been focused on bringing nature inside, Aldo Bernardi has been focused on taking the living room outside. This Spring/Summer, Ollier Distributors brought Aldo Bernardi’s new outdoor collection Shadows and Lights stateside for its North American debut.


The gazebo collection includes octagonal gazebos, circular gazebos and square gazebos all made of aged brass with either open dome-shaped or pyramid-shaped roofs.   These illuminated gazebos are perfect for use in gardens and parks and can be used to support climbing plants to create living canopies, or covered in fabric to add seclusion and privacy to an outdoor living space.

Linea Frassanelle  is an aged brass octagonal gazebo with pyramid-shaped top and central light fixture that comes with all the accessories needed for simple lawn anchoring and can be customized for installation on wood, stone, or bricks.  The dimensions can be customized and adapted to fit outdoor spaces based on client specifications.  The version shown (SHA2/B)  has four entrances, but can also be ordered with only one entrance (SHA2/1).  Please note that the fabric covering is not included with the gazebo. For dimensions and more information please visit our website.

Detail images of STAR2B

Details of Linea Frassanelle, STAR2/B – (Fabric not included)

Linea Frassanelle was named after the Italian private estate Frassanelle located in the Veneto region of Italy.  Frassanelle has belonged to the Papafava family since 1263.  This stunning estate counts among its many assets 197 acres (+/-) of farmland, 297 acres (+/-) of cultivated park land which was established in the late 1800’s, a 19th century villa, and a farm dating to 1601, as well as stables which house racehorses who have competed throughout Italy to very favorable results.  The Frassanelle is unique in that it is contained in one single area uninterrupted and undisturbed by public roads or modern buildings.  The villas on the estate can be rented for holidays, weddings, or conferences.  

Linea Buen Retiro is an aged brass  square gazebo with open sides and dome-shaped roof with one central light.  The light is made of aged copper.  As with the other gazebos, it comes with all the accessories needed for simple lawn anchoring and can be customized for installation on wood, stone or bricks.  The dimensions can be customized and adapted to fit spaces based on client specifications.

Linea Buen Retiro, SHA3 Details

Detail images of Linea Buen Retiro, SHA3

Linea Buen Retiro literally translates from Italian to English as pleasant retreat which is a very fitting name for an outdoor structure that provides a cozy garden haven.  Another fun fact is that the  house you see behind the gazebo in the photo belongs to Mr. Aldo Bernardi and his wife, Patrizia.  The inspiration for this gazebos namesake came from the Madrid Park, Buen Retiro.   This stunning park is one of the largest parks in Madrid and belonged to the Spanish monarchy up until the 19th century when it became a public park.

The entire line of Aldo Bernardi’s outdoor gazebos can be viewed on our website.


The Linea Miramare is a self-supporting, modern, aged brass square pergola with four corner light fixtures.  This lighted, open pergola was designed to have a strong visual impact and add a pleasing aesthetic to an outdoor environment.  It comes with all the accessories needed for simple lawn anchoring and can be customized for installation on wood, stone, or bricks.  The dimensions can be customized and adapted to fit outdoor spaces based on client specifications.

The Linea Miramare pergola was named after Castello di Miramare located on the Gulf of Trieste in northeastern Italy.  This 19th century castle was commissioned by the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg as a residence for himself and his wife, Charlotte of Belgium.  Today, this aristocratic castle designed by Austrian architect Carl Junker is open for tours where visitors can view the inside of this luxurious castle whose original furnishings have been preserved.  The castle grounds include an extensive cliff and a 54-acre seashore park that was re-landscaped with species of tropical trees and plants. A fun fact about the castle is that the bedroom and Ferdinand’s office are reproductions of the cabin and the stern wardroom of the ship, the frigate Novara, used by Ferdinand to circumnavigate the world when he was Commander of the Navy.

For more information and the dimensions of this pergola, please visit our website.


EXPO4, Linea Kensington.  Aged brass lighted trellis.

Linea Kensington, EXPO4.

The Linea Kensington is an aged brass trellis that consists of one base module that can be expanded by adding extension modules.  It is suitable to form either straight walls or walls that have corner angles.  Please note that the light fixtures are not included with this item and must be ordered separately.  The placement of the light fixtures can be customized and specified at the time the order is placed.   The trellis is self supporting and includes all accessories for simple lawn anchoring.   This outdoor structure is perfect for use to create living walls and can be covered with fabric to create privacy, as seen below.  Please note that the fabric panels are not included and cannot be ordered through Aldo Bernardi.  The photos are merely a representation of possibilities.

EXPO4 - Possible usage creating privacy walls by adding fabric panels.

EXPO4, with lights. Fabric panels are not included, the photo is meant to represent possible use or function of the trellis.

For a listing of showrooms, to contact us for more information, or for press inquiries please visit the locations page on our website to find the appropriate contacts.

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Spotlight on Balena: New Italian-Inspired Eatery in Chicago is Illuminated by Rustic Chic Lighting from Designer Aldo Bernardi


Above: The Fiati 6800.a. aged brass sconces by Aldo Bernardi ground and illuminate this space which is reminiscent of a Tuscan cobblestone street. 

Balena, a joint venture between the Bristol team (Chicago gastropub, The Bristol) and the Boka Group (one of the premier chef driven restaurant groups in the country), opened this spring as one of Chicago’s hottest new restaurants.  Its glass facade, 28 foot cathedral ceiliings, and large arched glass windows create a greenhouse-like space.   Karen Herold, VP, 555 International, (a design, fabrication, and management firm) created a modern farmhouse feel, simple and rustic, elegant and refined.  Karen chose to use Aldo Bernardi lighting for Balena since both brands embody the soul, charm and bespoke characteristics of a true artisan, and both stand for authenticity, honesty, and excellence. Karen has specified Aldo Bernardi for other high-profile hospitality projects before. Our breadth and depth of styles, sizes and finishes meet her exacting needs, and our custom capabilities make almost anything possible.

Above: One solitary Ciotole pendant by Aldo Bernardi creates an intimate, dining area for eight. Made of aged brass and ceramic, the Ciotole is from the designer’s I Classici in Ceramica line. 

Want to see more?  Browse the Aldo Bernardi lighting collections for a wide range of interior and exterior lighting including custom options on the web at

Are you social? Stay in touch with us through our FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest where you’ll find lighting inspiration, industry tips, and the latest updates on Aldo Bernardi.

Photo credits: Eric Kleinberg

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